3 Months

The spring season of InventionX poses online student challenges from February through March 2016.

9 Challenges

Nine challenges statements will be posed to students, 3 each month, covering a broad spectrum of culturally relevant STEM topics.

$24,000 in Awards

The InventionX Cup includes monetary awards, public recognition opportunities, and scholarships to the Silicon Valley Invention Academy totaling more than $24,000!

InventionX challenges, recognizes, and rewards young innovators through a series of online Invention Challenges & hands-on workshops.

Every student is an inventor at heart. They are the most creative, innovative, thought-provoking problem solvers in the world. We help them keep those qualities through adulthood. The spring 2016 season of the InventionX Cup poses a series of 9 online invention challenges to K-12 students. Teams of 1-5 students will showcase their invention prowess by uploading a video describing how their concept solves the challenge and why it is needed by the world. A 5-step invention education framework is available for team coaches to help guide students through the process of real-world problem-solving.




Awards with a value of more than $24,000 are up for grabs by the top young inventors, including scholarships to the Silicon Valley InventionX Academy, where teams will be connected with leading entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators to learn how inventions are taken from the prototype shelves to the marketplace. Sign up below for notifications about team registration, student workshops, and training events.