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Welcome to InventionX

Today’s world thrives on invention, yet fewer and fewer students truly understand what this means. Our students are taught to follow the rules and recite facts rather than learning to design, create, and innovate. Everywhere around us there are challenges waiting to be solved, waiting for the right inventor to come along with an inquisitive mind that breaks the shackles of tradition.

InventionX catalyzes creativity. It challenges youth think with a critical brain and discover ways to revolutionize the world around them. But to truly become a great inventor is not easy. Invention is a hard road littered with failed attempts and broken systems. But with InventionX as a guide, students will learn to overcome these obstacles and grow stronger from them.

InventionX includes three major systems:

  1. Educator Training Workshops
  2. Student Invention Challenges
  3. Pitch Competitions

Training workshops across the country are currently being organized for the fall of 2015. If you wish to be notified of where these workshops are available, please sign up with your email here.


Invention Experience, InventionX

Team Pitch at Robotic Revolutions


The first installment of the fall season of InventionX was a blast! 6 teams of students and 2 teams of parents created crazy cool ideas for new ways that robots could assist humans! Check out the photos on our Facebook Image Gallery.





InventionX Invention Experience

Robotic Dog created at the Robotic Revolutions IX camp.


Register NowFuture Food Challenge, November 16th

Can our food system be improved? Most definitely! Join us at this InventionX camp to create your own idea for how to revolutionize how you get your next meal!




InventionX Invention Experience

Prototyping at the Invention Experience camps

Register NowEd-Tech Challenge, December 6th

Check out the 3rd InventionX camp for the fall season, all about creating new technologies to improve learning! Can we make learning fun and engaging through tech? We think so! Join us to invent your own idea!